Venezuelan born Berlin based Hyperaktivist it’s been shaking the scene in and outside Berlin with her characteristic energetic sets, oscillating between faster Techno and House with big influence in the 90’s and old school tracks.
She started working for the development of club culture in her native Venezuela since an early age, where she co founded SOLO the first club dedicated exclusively to electronic music in her hometown.
After finishing a degree on Mass Media and journalism she relocated in Berlin where she did a diploma in sound engineering at the studios of the infamous Funk Haus and were she continues working for the development of electronic music as a resident and organiser of Mess, Mindful Electronic Sonic Selections a forward thinking club night with a focus on women and transgender artist from diverse cultural backgrounds, dedicated to the celebration of diversity and supporting DIY club culture around the world happening at Ohm the more experimental club from Tresor and her newest, Mala Junta events with a focus on old school faster/ funky techno.
Since selected as one of the Shape Platform for innovative music artists in 2016 she’s been touring around Europe playing both festivals and underground spaces such as: CTM in Berlin, Uh Fest in Budapest, Amsterdam Dance event, Insomnia in Norway, Off Sonar in Barcelona, Skaņu Mežs in Riga, Red Bull Music Festival in Moscow and Brutaż in Poland, Cxema in Kyev, Herrensauna in Berlin, Fast Forward in Copenhagen to name a few.
You can find her playing from Tresor’s closings sets to the Berlin’s most renewed clubs bringing her characteristic energy and commitment to the dance floors, merging genres with ease she takes influence both in her time spent in Berlin and South America.