Be it dusty midweek house, heady anytime techno—and about everything else in between—Dario Tronchin has made his presence known as the constantly evolving Chevel.
Hailing from Treviso, Italy, in 2009 a teenage Tronchin made his first move to Berlin—a city that would recall him again and again in the subsequent years. The electronic capital’s clubs and record stores made their immortal impression.
It’s an quite an accruement for someone still as relatively fresh-faced as Tronchin. Berghain was his first Berlin gig—the first year he really took to DJing. 2013 also saw him play several times in Paris and at Norberg festival, Sweden. He’s since added Nuits Sonores, Fuse in Bruxelles, Altavoz Festival, Pulse in Venice and gigs at Goa in Rome to the credentials. In 2015 Tronchin will debut in the UK, perform live for the first time at Concrete in Paris, and wield his first seven hour DJ set in Barcelona at Be Cool during Sonar with the Stroboscopic crew. All the versatility he shows on record he brings to the booth, making Tronchin an exciting young anomaly no matter where you encounter him.