Paquita Gordon (born Francesca Faccilongo Ulrich) is an italian artist who is carrying on the artistic legacy which has characterized the last 2 generations of her family. Her grandfather, Guglielmo Ulrich, born in Milan in 1904, has been one of the prominent features of Italian archicteture and interior design in the 20th Century. Her father, Aurelio Faccilongo, has worked and collaborated with the most relevant radio and records label in Italy until few years ago. Her uncle Giancorrado Ulrich is still at the farefront of the Opera and Classical musical scenario: his book “Il Gioco dell’Opera – 480 Enigmi per veri conoscitori” includes a preface written by Scala’s Gran Maestro Riccardo Muti.  Paquita moves off to London in 2006, where she gradutes in Media Art and Design at the University of Westminster. Deeply fascinated and seduced by the Cinema industry, she achieves to get a job as assistant director and video editor for some of the most important Italian film makers such as Pippo Del Bono, Luca Guadagnino and Carlo Vanzina. During this experience, a new artistic tension start arising in Paquita feeding her sensitivity and will to expand further her artistic spectrum.  In 2008 this tension becomes mature and prevalent inside Paquita and this is indeed the turning point of her life and carrier so far: it’s indeed in 2008 that Paquita starts her musical journey by embracing the djing With some close friends and collaborators she founds the ‘AV-Netwerk’ collective developing artistic projects also in Rome, Berlin and Venice, where she performs a five hours dj set in Piazza San Marco at the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa supporting the photographic installation ‘CLUBNIGHT#2 meets AV-Netwerk’ by Riccardo Banfi. In 2012 she moves back to Italy, firstly in Milan and then in Palermo. Sicily’s climate, atmosphere and landscapes have a deep and unique impact on Paquita, who, after having moved off to Palermo, decides to consacrate great part of her efforts to these feelings and emotions radiating from the local nature and founds a new project called “Il Vulcano”. Il Vulcano soon becomes Paquita’s main platform in order to develop her metaphysical vision of life and the connections underneath music, nature and human sensitivity. It’s indeed thanks to Il Vulcano that Paquita develops projects like Stereocybele and  Capofaro Space & Sound Festivals, both held on the magicals Pantelleria and Salina islands. These festivals soon become the alchemical crucible for Paquita’s metaphysical interpretations of music and life. Beyond guesting artists such Robert Lippok, John Thiele, Deadbet, John Swing, Dj Red, Tommaso Cappellato and Rawmance to name a few, Paquita finds in Vulcano the right space where to push her artistic barriers and make concrete her abstract vision of music. In 2016 she directs a twelve hours radio show on the island of Stromboli with the musical participations of Roberto Cacciapaglia and Gigi Masin, amongst others and presents ‘Paroxysm’, an experimental live based on volcanic field recordings performed by Robert Lippok and Giuseppe Cordaro.  Aside of all these great projects, Paquita doesn’t miss to define further her style and taste as a dj. Her sessions mirror always more the need of freedom and tribal spirit that animates Paquita and that she expresses through selections of Afro-American and multi-ethnic sounds. Her talent when in front of the turntables brought her to share the booth with DJs such as Ron Trent, Craig Richards and Zip and to perform in museums and cultural centers like ICA – Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, PAC – Padiglione di Arte Contemporanea and Pirelli Hangar Bicocca in Milano for the inauguration of XXI Esposizione Internazionale of Triennale di Milano “21st Century Design After Design”.  After the great success of this first collaboration with Triennale di Milano, the Museum itself ask her to consolidate further the relationship with Triennale by commissioning her the exclusive project “Italian Music. Antologia in vinile a cura di Paquita Gordon” which allowed her to share her work with over 9.000 people during the 2017 Design Week Opening ceremony.  Meanwhile, her relation with Milano becomes always deeper and brings her to become the leading light of Terraforma Experimental and Sustainable Music Festival held at Villa Arconati in Milan, where she played the closing set of the first 4 years of the festival. Countless is the list of her contributions behind the dj booths of the clubs of half Europe. Might it be by delivering one of the best house sets heard at Circoloco @ DC 10 in 2016 or having taken part to the International tour that took David August around the world in 2016. Wherever Paquita has brought her vision of music, she has left a deep and remarkable sign. That’s why starting from fall 2017,  Paquita has decided to held a monthly residency in Milan at infamous club Plastic, with the purpose of defining further her vision of music and at the same time, to interact on a regular basis with her followers and fans.