Florence-based Italian dj / producer and Co-Owner of Sublunar Records, Sciahri’s approach to music is focused on the craft of sound that blends the best of his energetic club-oriented influences with his constant experimentation in the sound development stage. He debuted on the ITX series of the acclaimed techno imprint Ilian Tape at the end of 2014 with Mysterious Love, followed by another 12 “EP – Behind The Line on the Black Opal / Opal Tapes in 2016.Successfully participates in the various Herdersmat Part 8 on Dutch label Mord. His, ‘Chronicle’, was released in October again on ITX / Ilian Tape ever in 2016.In 2017 it launches a trilogy called “Devotion” on its label Sublunar Records and then realizes another ep “Quiet Witness always on Black Opal / Opal Tapes. Begins the 2018 by participating with important artists from the ambient / experimental scene to the various on Opal tapes “The Harvest Of A Quiet Eye”. In February, he released his remix for the track “Lethargy” by Ruhig on the label Awry. He is also Co-founder and part of UNKNOT together with Emanuele Porcinai, on Contort as WSR.