SofaTalk solo project is a unique melting pot of genres, a mix of influences from disco to funk, from neosoul to synthetic boogie through broken beat rythmics, future beats and nu-jazz up to more electronic sounds really close to contemporary aesthetics.
He starts to work as sound designer for contemporary art projects while creating at the beginning of 90’s his first home recording studio in an old basement in Bologna. Here it comes the need to explore “dance oriented” electronic music. Inspired by Herbie Hancock’s Fender rhodes, post-disco of Arthur Russell and Avant Jazz of Sun RA, Piero starts an educational path that will bring him to explore different music styles. From all 80’s underground dance scene in New York to the first Chicago and Detroit house music.
Funky-house selector, owner of Cognitiva Records and good producer. He published on Anma, Banoffee Pies, Yam Recordings, Tusk Wax, INI Movement and Série Limitée.
Respected by Rhythm Section of Bradley Zero, Giovanni D’amico, Fred P and many more.
Supported by Phonographe and Make It Deep, and most important websites in Italy. He was hosted by all the italian radio of the electronic scene; Radio Raheem, Intro-spettiva and Rocket Radio.