Vae Victis is back for its 2nd release and is glad to welcome the very first debut of Nightjars. With this 4 tracks ep the label shifts on a different musical path, sound and style wise.

Sound wise, both sides are written, mixed and produced on hardwares and polarized on a ferromagnetic tape. Technically, side A (Raw Side) is mixed with a tough multitrack mixer brought to its saturation limit: the sound is indeed distorted, raw and unfriendly.

While the flipside (Clean Side) is instead mixed with a big “Class A”  vintage studio mixer. The sound is brighter, richer of harmonics and the infrasounds are charged thru a wide dynamic range.

Style wise, the label shifts on a more broken beat field, let’s call it bass, dubstep or whatever, but anyway something which should put this vinyl in the records bags of all the lovers of Shed, Peverelist and Horsepower Productions to name a few.

Already supported by Ben Ufo, Blawan, The Analogue Cops, Objekt…



A1 Things Movin’ On
A2 Heavy
B1 Left People
B2 Everynight