Van Draft Ep (Incl. Tessela Remix)

New release and new debut on Vae Victis, this time from the upcoming and much promising italian duo Die Roh. Three original tracks plus an additional remix from Uk rising star Tessela, artist already known for his previous releases on All City, Punch Drunk and 2ND Drop.

The vinyl starts with “Esploratori”, where a extremely charged and reverbered 707 drum patterns and a d50 arrangement are mashed up with synths and delays, showing prolly the best work of the duo in this 12″. Little appendix: due to a lack of audio tapes the track was recorded on a vhs tape.

On the A2 we’v got “De Throw”, an emotional, warm, percussive but spacey Detroit inspired track, where drums and pads are fused together in a one take madness arrangement. Theo Parrish and Kassem Mosse the first names who popped up in our mind when we got this.

On the flipside, as B1 we’ve got “Look Out”, a techno/electro track showing Die Roh’s darkest side. The pattern resulting by the mixture of the drums programming and by these electro synths and voices, will bring you on a trip thru the darkest corners of the club.

Last but not least, on the B2 lays Tessela’s rmx of “Look Out”, a twisted, broken Uk garage touch which gives to the ep a wider and more modern breath to the EP itself.

All original tracks are written and produced in one take and no computers are involved in their production. Tracks have been then mastered by Cristoph Grote Beverborg aka CGB1 @ Dubplate & Mastering in Berlin.



A1 Esploratori
A2 De Throw
B2 Look Out
B3 Look Out (Tessela Remix)